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Vehicle Durability Testing Solutions

Automotive Testing is incomplete without the vehicle durability testing and validation. We support automotive OEMs' in their validation process by providing Accelerated Durability Testing, Vehicle Endurance Testing, Duty Cycle Mapping, Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA) etc.  Our prototype testing team designs the prototype validation testing program to reduce testing time while following international standards & using calibrated data acquisition systems for accurate results. A DOE (Design of Experiments) for prototype testing & validation is prepared before each test, in consultation with the client's engineering team and is executed by Advanced Structures India in a turnkey manner.

Vehicle Durability Testing

Accelerated Durability Testing and Road-Pave Correlation

Two Wheeler Validation

This is a very crucial stage where we map the typical usage conditions of the vehicle and corresponding loads and effects on prototype and its components. This data is then used to define a duty cycle for further development on the vehicle platform. This road load data covering road inputs, vibration, strain gauge data, displacement and other values is used as inputs for durability simulation. Quick access to Indian road load data can save valuable time in introducing new cars, trucks and two/three wheelers in Indian market. Correlation of the fatigue damage in use case cycles with fatigue damage on torture tracks allows us to define your torture track validation plan as well as inputs for 2/3/4 poster rig testing. Our cross functional approach of combining simulation, data acquisition and fatigue calculation competencies allows very quick execution keeping your time to market in line with your business objectives.

Vehicle Endurance Testing, Fuel Economy Trials & Duty Cycle Mapping

Vehicle Endurance TestingPart of every product development cycle is running a vehicle in different conditions for its entire life. Our vehicle endurance testing activities cover highway & city trials, coastal trials, cold climate trials and mining trials depending the use case of your vehicle. This stage of vehicle endurance testing enables us to identify and fix field issues which may creep upon extended usage of the vehicle in various conditions. A wide variety of parameters like CAN inputs, GPS Data, Fuel Consumption, wear and tear, lubricant and other fluid deterioration, field issue identifaction and more are captured in vehicle endurance trials. These vehicle endurance testing trials define how the vehicle is going to perform in real life conditions and provide the last step in fine tuning the prototype before launch. Using the power of Internet and in-house developed software platforms, our teams of Experienced Drivers, Mechanics and managers , plan and execute these cumbersome trials over 1,50,000 KMs while reporting results in a disruptively real time manner.


A small glitch overlooked during the vehicle development & prototype validation may lead to field failures with massive business and brand implications. Our extensive experience in conducting prototype validation activities covering road load data acquisition, fatigue life estimation and field data based simulation acitivies puts us in the ideal position support our clients in this area. We leverage our past work and knowledge base to develop extensive DOE (Design of Experiments) and execute them on a turnkey basis for speedy identification and resolution of field failure in trucks, cars and two/three wheelers.

Our competencies in strain gauge data acquisition, strain gauge data based fatigue life estimation, vibration measurement, vibration data based analysis of input loads, strain simulation for static, dynamic and fatigue results and existing knowledge base on similar vehicles makes us your ideal partner in Vehicle Durability Testing including field issue Root Cause Identification and resolution activities.

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