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  2B, 4th Phase, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
 +91 080 64515105      Email: business@advancedstructures.in     2B, 4th Phase, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.


Every new product has to be validated in the Real-world conditions. Advanced Structures' advanced testing competence has been developed over the years by working with major automotive OEMs. Be it NVH refinement or Accelerated Durability tests, we do it all. Our engineering team designs the tests to optimize testing time while following international standards & using calibrated data acquisition systems for accurate results. A DOE (Design of Experiments) is prepared before each test, in consultation with the client's engineering team.

Accelerated Durability and Correlation

Two Wheeler ValidationThis is the foundation for every OEMs new development. The vehicle should not fail before the warranty expires and shouldn’t be over designed and to hit that sweet spot we do all the work from collection of Road Load Data to Correlating it with Test Tracks and finally validating the predicted life cycle on Test Rigs.Our engineers assist you in defining a duty cycle as a mix of road profile and use cases in Indian conditions. We then acquire Road Load Data for this duty cycle and use industry leading software tools to predict fatigue life of various components and systems. A combination of CAD, Stress analysis software to identify hot spots, sensors and DAQ for Road Load Data Acquisition and Fatigue Life estimation tools from this data are utilized by a cross functional team to deliver actionable inputs.

Endurance, Fuel Economy Trials & Duty Cycle Mapping

Fuel Economy TrialPart of every product development cycle is running a vehicle in different conditions for its entire life. These endurance trials define how the vehicle is going to behave in real life conditions and provide the last step in fine tuning the product before launch. Using the power of Internet and in-house developed software platforms, our teams of Experienced Drivers, Mechanics and managers , plan and execute these cumbersome trials without an hassle.

Field Issues Resolution & Root Cause Identification

A small glitch overlooked during the development & validation may lead to field failures and no OEM likes them. The key here is not the testing, rather developing the DOE (Design of Experiments) to find the cause and resolve it.

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