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  2B, 4th Phase, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
 +91 (0)80 29766773     Email: business@advancedstructures.in     2B, 4th Phase, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

CAD/ CAE Services

Experienced engineers and managers help in executing automotive design and simulation projects with minimum client support. High Performance systems, multitude CAD CAE tools , we have it all. The cherry on top is the Turnkey Execution.

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Bus Body Design – AIS-052 and Beyond

At Advanced Structures India, we put bus body design engineering to positively improve the bus journey experience of an Indian consumer while improving the bottom line performance of the fleet operator.

Turnkey Bus Body Design & Development Solution

Our automotive design solutions involve turnkey delivery of bus body structures and interior trims as per your business requirements. Our team's extensive experience in developing bus body structure with the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers in India enables us to swiftly respond to and fulfil your new product development requirements.

Besides our bespoke solutions for automotive design, bus rollover validation, durability validation, ergonomics and aesthetics requirements, Advanced Structures also provides pre-developed and fully customizable solutions in form of our AUK series. AUK designs can be customized in a few weeks to fit any operation in Indian scenario on chassis from all major OEMs in the country.

AUK Family of Bus Body Structures

AUK ASI Bus Body AIS 052

Fuel Efficient: AUK family is up to 18 % lighter than legacy designs while ensuring regulation compliance and 10 lac km on road durability in Indian road conditions. This helps in reducing fuel consumption as well as upfront material costs. We strive to develop solutions which are lighter on your pockets as well as environment friendly.

Durable: Advanced automotive simulation tools and processes coupled with vast amount of Indian road data enables our engineers in developing bus body structures which will last as long as the chassis does. This reduces downtime and maintenance costs so all your time and resources are spent in running your core business.

Safety beyond compliance: Regulatory compliance including AIS-052 is built into our designs from the concept stage. Beyond In-built scope of further improvement to comply with tender requirements allows us and our partners to deliver just the right solution. Besides the mandated safety aspects, we incorporate safety related design best practices at every stage of the development process.

Compatible: AUK family is compatible with chassis from every leading OEM in India. The family consists of Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 buses with different door, window, exit hatch and AC configurations to allow for maximum ROI on single product development.

Please write to us at business@advancedstructures.in to know more about how we can adapt AUK to develop an entire family of LCV and MDV buses for your range of chassis in less than two months.

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