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 +91 (0)80 29766773     Email: business@advancedstructures.in     2B, 4th Phase, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.


Capturing of Automotive Test data is an expensive affair for an OEM. Analysing raw data and reporting it , is still more expensive , owing to the huge amount of manhours used in processing this data, use of expensive licenses, engineers and other resources.

Most of this activity is repetitive and can be automated. ASI's Test Data Processing service is an Industry first solution and is very popular with OEMs.

Engagement Model: The OEM carries out testing and provides ASI with the raw data along with the SOP for processing & reporting. ASI's engineers process this data and report to the OEM through encrypted channels.

Why we are faster than inhouse teams:

  • We have a dedicated data processing team equipped with  multiple tools
  • Automated Workflows process your data.
  • Our teams work 24x7 and delivers data much faster than internal teams.

How you can benefit from this :

  • This activity helps in saving numerous workhours of Testing engineers at your organization which can be utilised for studying the final test reports & decision making.
  • Over a period of time, this reduces the total number of licenses that are required for test data analysis.
  • Data is securely uploaded to your servers where the analysed data, reports, trends can be viewed using an interactive GUI.
Overview of ASI Datalab Analysis

Step 1. You acquire test data & provide ASI with raw data & SOP for processing

Different client teams acquire variety of test data from field, track and rig testing.
Test engineer uploads the raw data to specific project in ASI Datalab. All relevant team members can access this project.
ASI Datalab has comprehensive test data analysis capabilities and automated workflow. Datalab server can be hosted on secure cloud or at your premises.

Step 2 & 3. ASI performs analysis & uploads the report

In special cases, third party software can be used for offline processing of data and reuploaded in the Datalab Server.
Data Analysts at ASI Office run variety of analysis as per test requirement and update processed data in ASI Datalab Server.

Step 4. Your team can access results & take decisions

Entire team can access processed files, results using comprehensive graph functionalities in ASI Datalab.
Processed data files and reports can be downloaded for offline use and the copy on Datalab server can be permanently deleted if this suits your(OEM) workflow.

Data processing time & cost reduced by over 70%* using Automated workflows &  dedicated teams.

watch the below video explaination

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