The value of a product is defined as the ratio of function to cost. Improving function or reducing cost keeping the other factor constant, increases the overall value of the product. ASI's experienced team of engineers and analysts use a number of methods including algorithms, developed in-house to optimize cost of components and processes.

We have worked with major OEMs, Suppliers and Management Consultancies, and have optimized component and processing costs. For this activity ASI has set up a dedicated Teardown and Testing Lab.

Summary of the Overall Should Costing Process

Automotive Tear Down and Should Costing


Success with Numbers:

Client 1: Optimization in Supply Chain: With one of our clients we could reduce the cost of overall product by 5% only by focusing on packaging efficiency & transportation. Please refer our blog for this particular case study.

Cost-Optimization in Supply chain

Client 2: Data Handling: We digitized more than 35000 drawings (in the form of CAD or PDF’s) to fetch 45 key specifications per part in less than 40 days. Helping them reduce, average part cost by 12 to 20%. We leveraged our proprietary software tools to drastically reduce project time while eliminating entry errors.

Client 3: Data Handling: As a part of value engineering, we scanned through more than 3000 parts and derived specifications w.r.t operator ergonomics, assembly locus & design philosophy. Variety of equipment and tools ranging from laser scanners to purpose built software tools were utilized to deliver output in extremely short period of time.

Client 4: Marketing: ASI helped a customer, modify a feature, which more than 80% of the customers wanted, and suggested changes to the existing expensive feature, which only 20% of the customers perceived. Thus increasing profit exponentially. Our association with leading  car portals in India helped us give the best possible consumer connect and actionable intelligence.


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