Every new product has to be validated in the Real-world conditions. ASI’s advanced testing competence has been developed over the years by working with major automotive OEMs. Be it NVH refinement or Accelerated Durability tests, we do it all. Our engineering team designs the tests to optimize testing time while following international standards & using calibrated data acquisition systems for accurate results. A DOE (Design of Experiments) is prepared before each test, in consultation with the client's engineering team.

Automotive Prototype Validation


Durability - Accelerated Durability Testing & Rig Test Synthesis

Our engineers assist you in defining a duty cycle as a mix of road profile and use cases in Indian conditions. We then acquire Road Load Data for this duty cycle and use industry leading software tools to predict fatigue life of various components and systems. A combination of CAD, Stress analysis software to identify hot spots, sensors and DAQ for Road Load Data Acquisition and Fatigue Life estimation tools from this data are utilized by a cross functional team to deliver actionable inputs.

On Road Trials - NVH, Thermal, Fuel EconomyOn road vehicle validation

User experience and cost of ownership are prime drivers and our solutions cover these aspects extensively. A variety of tests listed here are conducted on the prototypes at various stages of testing program to assess overall performance.

Abuse Test

Vehicles are not always used as prescribed and the nature of abuse varies with vehicle segment and geography. Our experience in the Indian market with passenger and commercial vehicles is valuable in avoiding unpleasant use case surprises.

Endurance and Durability - As per Customer needs

India is a country with varied climate and road conditions. Our engineers and test drivers conduct endurance and durability trials on a number prototypes and record vital data for as much as 100,000 km. All field failures are recorded, root cause analysis is performed and corrective actions are suggested.

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