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Full Vehicle Engineering Services

Advanced Structures India is a full vehicle engineering solution provider covering all aspects of automotive product development.  Our services cover competitor automotive benchmarking, teardown and cost engineering (vave), fatigue and vehicle durability simulations, road load data acquisition, torture track testing and seat pressure mapping. Adjoining schematic provides a bird's eye view of how Advanced Structures India supports your in house automotive product development activities.

Automotive Product Developmenet

Vehicle and System Level Target Setting

Our competitor vehicle assessment services covering teardown, performance & attribute benchmarking provides our clients with a very detailed understanding of the market and helps in precisely positioning the vehicle in the segment. This coupled with our automotive cost engineering capability helps in setting comprehensive vehicle level targets for performance, weight and cost.

Click here for a blog entry on our high level user experience automotive benchmarking study of B Segment cars in Indian market.

Vehicle Cost Engineering Solutions

Our cost vehicle cost model building tools enable us to help you understand your competitor's material cost structures and sourcing strategies. Detailed weight and cost targets along with engineering targets ensure minimal rework post product development.

Click here for our detailed blog on methodology, tools used and outcomes of our full vehicle cost engineering solutions.

Automotive Simulation Solutions

We provide turnkey solutions for automotive simulation and optimization (for cost, weight and performance) in the following domains:

  • Crash Simulation
  • Fatigue Life Estimation
  • Modal Analysis

Testing and Validation for Vehicle Engineering

Structural Performance

  • Torsional Stiffness Measurement
  • Bending Stiffness Measurement

Road Load Data Acquisition for Vehicle Durability

  • Strain Measurement
  • Wheel Displacement Measurement
  • Wheel and axle vibration measurement

For complete list of measurements, click here.

To download full report on value engineering, click here.

To visit our Vehicle Prototype Validation page, please click here.

HVAC Performance Benchmarking

Driver Effort Measurement (Steering & Pedal Effort Calculation)

Seat Pressure Mapping and ranking

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