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Every new vehicle prototype has to be validated in the real-world conditions. Advanced Structures' automotive testing competence has been developed over several projects by working with major truck, car and two wheeler makers in India. Be it NVH or Accelerated Durability tests, we do it all.


ASI is well equipped with expert teams, advanced instruments, sensors and data acquisition systems for catering to the validation needs of automotive OEMs. Our turnkey execution model coupled with our expertise in automotive testing have proven to be successful with OEMs. Our automotive testing and validation solutions comprises of the following
Automotive NVH Testing
Noise Vibration and Harshness or NVH is an integral part in automobile product development and is one of the core capabilities of Advanced Structures. Our expert teams with world class sensors, microphones, data acquisition systems have proven to be successful in fulfilling the NVH development needs of Automotive Industry . To know more about our solutions in automotive NVH, click here
Vehicle Dynamics
In the area of Vehicle Dynamics, Advanced structures provides in-depth solutions in ride, handling and steering performance. Our Vehicle Dynamics team coupled with our expert divers have been addressing to the Vehicle Dynamics requirements of our clients. To know more about our solutions in vehicle dynamics, click here
Vehicle Durability Solutions
Automotive Validation is incomplete without vehicle durability validation. To know more about our solutions in Durability, click here
Test Data Processing
We optimize automotive testing and validation in OEMs with our test data processing and analysis solutions. Click here to know more
Tyre Testing and Benchmarking
Advanced Structures supports tyre development in automotive OEMs and tyre manufacturers by offering a range of solutions . Click here to know more
Evaluation of Ergonomics and Efforts
Ergonomics and efforts play a vital role in the customer's decision making journey in buying an automobile. To know more about our solutions in Ergonomics and Efforts, click here
Powertrain Testing
Click here to know more about our Powertrain development solutions
Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) Testing
Click here to know more about our Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) solutions
Thermal Mapping and Vehicle Performance Evaluation
We offer extensive list of tests for the evaluation of Vehicle performance, Thermal Mapping, HVAC. Click here to know more.
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