ASI's teardown facility is part of our World Class VAVE lab, spread across 10,000 sq.feet area. This facility houses dedicated areas for Vehicle teardown, Product evaluation, Part & System Level photography & 3D Scanning. The lab is designed in a modular fashion, to enable working on different projects without compromising information security.

At ASI, we have automated teardown, to the maximum extent by using our proprietary tools, to prevent errors in data entry. This tool automatically, identifies outliers, and helps us in taking corrective measures. Comparative reports are generated instantaneously, and are checked by experienced engineers. The facility has been used by leading Automotive OEMs and Consultancies for their benchmarking activities.

Teardown components

The data can be directly fed to our "Cost- Algorithm", which helps in identifying only those components, where maximum cost optimization is possible. Click here to read in detail about our should costing algorithm, and client Success stories.

Cost Modelling Algorithm

“ASI’s Cost-optimization Algorithm” has been co-developed with one of the world’s leading Management Consultancies. Algorithm has helped our team analyse more than 45 parameters for over 29,000 parts, in just 40 days and helped “Fortune 500” companies, to reduce average component cost by 12-20%.

Services Offered

  1. BOM Analysis
  2. Assembly Structure
  3. Weight Comparison
  4. Process &Material Comparison
  5. Supplier Information
  6. Part/ System level Photography
  7. Serviceability
  8. Component ageing analysis
  9. Time-lapse videos of entire teardown
VAVE lab

Additional Services

We can reverse engineer a complete BIW to generate in-depth insight into :
• Weight Analysis
• Weld Mapping
• Meshed Data for Fatigue Analysis, Modal, Frontal Crash & Rollover
• NVH Sheets packaging information size & placement
• Component Mounting concepts

BIW-Cross sectional study

Write to us at for a quick conversation on how we can help you analyse competition design, supply chain, performance and comparative costing of your own products against competition.