Our advanced benchmarking services gives complete insight to your engineers into competition products, design practices and vital details. This extensive package consists of multitude of tests, which cover all the design aspects of a vehicle development program. The tests are divided into 9 different modules, to fit every OEMs needs.

Dimensional MeasurementsNVHPerformance
ErgonomicsThermalVehicle Dynamics & Handling
Seat ComfortEffortRide Quality

A detailed list of parameters is presented below for reference.

Detailed List of Tests and Benchmarked Parameters

Test NameTest GroupStandards
Steering TorqueEffortIS 11948
Steering AngleEffortIS 11948
Pedal travel and effortEffortInternal
Driver Ear NoiseNVHAIS-020
Middle row passenger NoiseNVHAIS-020
Rear row passenger NoiseNVHAIS-020
Driver seat VibrationNVHInternal
Rear row passenger seat VibrationNVHInternal
Seat Mount VibrationNVHInternal
Steering VibrationNVHInternal
Gear Lever VibrationNVHInternal
Bump Isolation at driver seatRideInternal
Bump Isolation at rear passenger seatRideInternal
Driver seat (Pressure mapping &analysis)Seat PerformanceInternal
Rear Passenger seat (Pressure mapping &analysis)Seat PerformanceInternal
Driver floor VibrationNVHInternal
Middle row passenger floor VibrationNVHInternal
Rear row passenger floor VibrationNVHInternal
Driver Seat Rail VibrationNVHInternal
Middle & Rear row passenger Seat Rail VibrationNVHInternal
GVW,FAW,RAW, Individual wheel weightDimensionalInternal
Approach, ramp over and departure anglesDimensionalIS 12218
Ground clearanceDimensionalAIS 053
Wheel travel – articulation testDimensionalIS 13506
Wheel arch clearanceDimensionalInternal
Pedal free playDimensionalInternal
Steering gear ratioDimensionalInternal
Gaps and flushness (external, internal and instrument panel)DimensionalInternal
CG (X,Y,Z) at kerb and GVWDimensionalIS 11849
Vehicle overall dimensions measured at the beginning of testDimensionalAs per SAE J1100
Radiator and intercooler core sizeDimensionalInternal
Gap between radiator core and cooling fanDimensionalInternal
Front grill opening sizeDimensionalInternal
Door opening closing effortEffortInternal
Parallel parkingEffortInternal
Driver and Passenger ergonomicsErgonomicsAs per SAE J1100
Gear shift ergonomics and EffortErgonomicsAs per SAE J1100
Steering ErgonomicsErgonomicsAs per SAE J1100
Floor height in driver areaErgonomicsAs per SAE J1100
Foot step heightsErgonomicsAs per SAE J1100
Door handle heightErgonomicsInternal
Accessibility to switchesErgonomicsInternal
Pedal ergonomicsErgonomicsAs per SAE J1100
Driver and passenger seat H-Point AnalysisErgonomicsAs per SAEJ4003/AIS097
Door closing noiseNVHInternal
AC vent noiseNVHAIS-020
AC compressor noiseNVHAIS-020
Wiper motor NoiseNVHInternal
Boot Closure noiseNVHInternal
window motorNVHInternal
AC impact on VibrationNVHInternal
Cooling & Heating – HVAC performance in Climate chamberThermalInternal
Air flow rate – AC performanceThermalInternal
Turing circle diameter- Curb to Curb, Wall to wallDimensionalInternal
Engine Mount isolationNVHInternal
engine vibration – Engine topNVHInternal
ALL ECU vibrationNVHInternal
Acceleration test – different gears and speed combinationDynamicsIS-11851:1986
Vibration at mounting of fuel filter, exhaust system, air cleanerNVHInternal
Coast downPerformanceIS14785
Fuel tank areaThermalInternal
Battery areaThermalInternal
Clutch slave cylinder areaThermalInternal
Engine Bay Thermal MappingThermalInternal
Driver Footwell Thermal MappingThermalInternal
Underbody thermal mappingThermalInternal
Thermal mapping @ Gear box and clutchThermalInternal
Thermal mapping @ brake caliper , brake disc and Brake drumThermalInternal
Spare wheel area thermal mappingThermalInternal
Engine NoiseNVHInternal
Exhaust NoiseNVHInternal
Hand Brake test and effortEffortIS11852-3
Folding and sliding seat effortEffortOEM
Bonnet opening and closing effortEffortOEM
Spare wheel loading and unloading effortEffortOEM
Door inner and outer handle opening effortEffortInternal
Tyre NoiseNVHInternal
Brake noiseNVHInternal
Figure of 8 – SkidpadDynamicsOEM
Braking Performance – G, time and distanceDynamicsAs per ECE R-13
Single Lane ChangeDynamicsAs per ISO 3888-2
Double Lane ChangeDynamicsAs per ISO 3888-2
PBNNVHAs per ISO 3028
Start stop and max gradeabilityPerformanceIS13988
Steering responseHandlingOEM

Additional tests are designed as per specific requirements. Please write to us at business@advancedstructures.in for more information.