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Client Success Story: Automotive Performance Benchmarking

Client Success Story: Vehicle Teardown

Client Success Story: Should Costing

Competitor Vehicle Assessment

For a more detailed understanding of competitor vehicle, ASI employs a two pronged approach of combining Benchmarking and Teardown activities. Benchmarking quantifies the competitor’s performance on a comprehensive list of parameters. Teardown data helps in understanding the reason and cost behind competitor’s performance figures.

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Automotive Benchmarking   | Automotive Teardown

Product Placement within a Segment

ASI benchmarks your competitor’s vehicles on over a 100 parameters to quantify its performance and attributes. This in depth understanding of competitor performance coupled with macro trends from our database helps you in creating vehicle and subsystem level targets in line with your business strategy.

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List of Tests    |    Product Placement Solutions    |    Blog: B Segment Car Benchmarks

NVH and Durability for Component Manufacturers

ASI has extensive capabilities in NVH Testing, Durability Testing and Analysis, Seat Performance Assessment and HMI quantification. This enables our clients from automotive and automotive component manufacturers in improving NVH and Ergonomics Performance as well as finding root cause of field failures and redesign for improvement.

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Automotive Product Development | Torsional Vibration Measurement and Analysis | Seat Comfort Evaluation | Prototype Validation

Prototype Validation (Accelerated Durability and Road Testing)

Our competency in Road Load Data Acquisition, analysis and fatigue life estimation helps our clients in validating new products quickly. Our facility in Bangalore along with our network of test tracks and test rigs partners allows us to deliver a turnkey solution for new product validation.

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Prototype Validation   | Automotive Product Development

TUV-SUD Quality Management System

In our efforts to ensure that everything we do complies with global standards of quality, we have implemented Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015,
For the scope of

Research & Development, Physical Testing, Design & Analysis of Automotive Components and Vehicles.

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