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Our Solution for Automotive Test & Measurement Data Management, Visualization & Analysis


Our Solution for Automotive Test & Measurement Data Management, Visualization & Analysis

User Experience Benchmarking

Performance Benchmarking

Teardown, VAVE & Analytics

Turnkey Design & Simulation

Test Data Processing

Accelerated Durability & Correlation

Endurance Fuel Economy Trials & Duty Cycle

Field Issues : Resolution & Root Cause Identification

Truck Teardown Display

Product Planning & Target Setting

We are the most capable and competent engineering services company in the area of competitor vehicle benchmarking, teardown, cost and complexity study & should costing of passenger and commercial vehicles. Besides bespoke solutions, we also maintain a performance attribute benchmark database of cars in India. Our 50 + vehicle benchmark databse covers all user experience parameters like NVH, Ride & Handling, Effort & Ergonomics, Perceived Quality, HVAC Performance and more.

Car Teardown

Automotive Product Development

Moving beyond the typical CAD and Simulation services, we support automotive companies in a turnkey manner employing our capabilities in design, simulation, data acquisition, and analysis. Our solutions are aligned with the lean development process and its variations followed globally by leading OEMs. Our 'simulation+testing' cross-functional competency in structural dynamics, fatigue and durability, vibro-acoustics and non-linear analysis of vehicle and subsystems is highly effective in meeting the program objectives efficiently.

Steering effort measurement

Rig, Track and Road Validation

Field testing and validation has been our USP. Advanced Structures' leverages its capabilities in road load data acquisition, fatigue damage estimation, road- torture track correlation and rig input generation along with various independent test facilities and tracks to deliver a complete validation solution for two wheelers, cars, buses and heavy trucks.

Advanced Structures specializes in competitor vehicle selection, performance benchmarking, target setting, development, testing & validation services to Automotive Industry in India & China.

Our rapid growth in India & beyond is a testimony to our quality of work and on time delivery. Be it vehicle teardown, benchmarking, target setting, road load data acquisition, rig and track validation of cars - or - turnkey design, development and sourcing of buses, Advanced Structures has delivered exceptional results. Click below for a brief snapshot of our journey.


Downloadable Case Studies

Few case studies highlighting how we have helped major automotive OEMs in their product development. Click on the link to download.

Competitor Benchmarking | Torsional Vibration |
NVH Refinement
| Accelerated Durability Testing

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